PDF Pamphlets

As our main function within the company is to sort through, collate and advertise photographs that have been turned into PDF pamphlets and advertisement pieces, we work with a lot of amateur photographers. We work with a lot of the smaller photography galleries and photographers around the London area to make sure they can advertise their works with the minimal price for advertisement that we know is unaffordable to those who sell photos.

While I do not wish to be demeaning to our own customers and especially those of a trade, very few photographers are able to make a lot of money from their works unless they are sold to specific companies. For example, selling wildlife photographs to National Geographic will obviously net anyone a lot of money. But even then, that money is only handed out on a picture by picture basis that may not always be possible.

What does make our lives much easier is the photographs that are supplied to us however. We can get collections of some amazing photographs or hundreds of different subjects and topics. For example, some of the wildlife PDF’s that we can create are almost like specialized magazines, and we distribute them among various people including the photographers, galleries and even customers who are interested that we have built a database of throughout the years.

We then use the PDF’s to sell the photographs and prints throughout the world. We email the PDF’s to our customers throughout the world and if there are any pictures they really like, they can order a print through us with 50% of the proceeds going to the photographers and the rest going to us. It is a very fruitful partnership for the photographers, and it’s generally more fun for us than it is profitable, which is why we make sure to continue the relationship.

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